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Adopting a healthy lifestyle begins in the morning. When you start your day off right, chances are you’ll make better decisions throughout the day as well. What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Does it impact your life in a positive way? Your unhealthy choices might lead to potentially serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. If you want professional healthcare advice, see your doctor or book a tele appointment with physician with an online physician app.

Do online physician apps really work?

An online physician is a qualified and trained healthcare provider that can provide an online medical consultation to patients who might otherwise not have access to a medical facility nearby or a primary healthcare provider. In Pakistan, more than 70% of the population is in rural areas where quality healthcare is scarce.

Sometimes people must travel to different cities to access healthcare services. Telemedicine enables such patients to access quality healthcare through tele-appointments with a physician. For basic or routing healthcare needs, this seems to be the most convenient way of connecting with doctors.

Download an online physician app on your smartphone or mobile device and instantly access qualified online physicians. Book a tele-appointment with a physician at your convenience and get expert medical advice from home!

Why is the morning routine important?

Mornings are a start to your day. Your mind and body are ‘coming back to life’ after hours of dormancy or rest. While you sleep, your blood pressure drops, the body temperature goes down, your breathing becomes deeper and muscles are relaxed. As you wake up, your blood pressure and body temperature begin to rise, muscles are getting ready for a whole day of work and the mind is racing with the tasks that lie ahead of you.

Developing healthy morning habits sets the tone for the rest of the day. While it may seem complicated or tough to do, you can keep it simple. If you have a health condition you’re worried about like high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes or a condition that tends to flare up in the morning like rheumatoid arthritis then see your doctor. A quick way to get expert medical advice is to book a tele-appointment with a physician on your phone. Ask your online physician how to manage your symptoms that cause discomfort in the morning.

Experts say that people are more likely to stay consistent with healthy habits if they’re quick, simple and suitable for one’s routine. If you want to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health, then here are some ways to add quality and positivity to your mornings!


  1. Stretch and exercise

We hear it all the time, but how many actually get up and exercise first thing in the morning? Just getting out of the bed on time seems hard enough. Early morning workouts don’t have to be strenuous, blasting exercises. It could be a 20-minute brisk walk around the block or a home-based, light exercise routine. Stretch your limbs when you wake up. This loosens up the joints and gets your muscles ready for the rest of the day. If you have joint pain or back problems you should consult your doctor before beginning any exercises. You could get an online medical consultation by booking a tele-appointment with a physician with an online physician app.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets your metabolism going and literally ‘breaks’ the fasting state your body has been in overnight. Having the right nutrients for breakfast will fuel the day you have ahead of yourself. A heavy and oily breakfast will most likely slow you down. Some good options for a nutritious breakfast include oatmeal, boiled eggs, some fruit, a smoothie, and yogurt. For professional advice, get a tele-appointment with a physician or a nutritionist and work out a personalized meal plan suitable for you.

  1. Get some morning sunshine

There is nothing like going out in the morning and soaking up the morning sunlight. Experts say that morning sunlight is great for increasing your vitamin D levels. Natural sunlight also navigates our natural body clock or circadian rhythm. Whether you go outside or remain indoors in a room with sunlight, it promotes wakefulness and stimulates the release of happy hormones. For more detail on how our body clock works, download an online physician app and get a tele-appointment with a physician today!

  1. Invest some time in something productive

Everyone has a creative streak or an activity they like to do to unwind. Instead of saving it for the end of your day when your energy levels are at the lowest, try doing it in the morning. For instance, painting, reading a favorite book or writing. Research shows that the early morning is the best time to stimulate some of that brainpower. It leaves a positive impact on the rest of your day and improves focus and concentration.

  1. Meditation/prayer

Experts say that meditation, prayer or mindfulness can help you visualize your day and set you up for a day filled with positivity and contentment. There are different types of meditation, but the basic purpose is to connect with your inner thoughts and expel the negative energy that you may be harboring inside. It’s the connection you make with a higher power and your subconscious mind. Experts say that it reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure and even strengthens your immune system.

The take-away message is that if you want to ditch your unhealthy lifestyle and improve your overall quality of physical, mental and spiritual health then start investing time in your mornings. Keep it simple, small and realistic so you stick with it!

If you have health problems that need to be addressed, see your doctor or book a tele-appointment with a physician and ask what you can do to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Download Mylivedoctors on your smartphone and book a tele-appointment with a physician today!