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The physical implications of covid-19 pandemic are evident from the rising number of affected individuals and deaths all over the world. It has forced the population at large to stay at home and take social distancing very seriously. Experts say that the most effective way to break the chain of infection is by avoiding close contact altogether. To learn more about how the novel coronavirus is spread, ask a doctor or book a tele-appointment with a physician to get medical advice from the convenience of your own home.

What is tele-appointment?

A tele-appointment is a virtual doctor’s appointment. You can ‘visit a doctor online’ by downloading an online doctor app on your smartphone or mobile device. Most online doctor apps are free downloads and are a must-have app to have on your phone, particularly in times like these when you're forced to stay away from the hospital for minor health conditions.

Having said that, even non-urgent health conditions require medical attention at times. So, whether you need treatment for a stomach-ache or have a medical-related query, book a tele-appointment with a physician and get an online medical consultation without leaving home.

Why is staying home so important anyway?

There has been a lot of talk on social media and otherwise about why social distancing and staying home is so important. Fewer people in public spaces means fewer people acquiring the virus and becoming carriers, thereby leading to fewer infections.

This way the number of patients getting infected will remain manageable by available healthcare providers. Hospitals and other healthcare resources will be utilized more efficiently. If you require medical attention or advice then download an online doctor app on your smartphone and book a tele-appointment with a physician at your convenience.

You can talk to an online physician through a video conference call (if you’re comfortable), on text or by email. You can also send pictures to your online physician of a visible lesion you might want to get checked out. Download an online physician app on your smartphone and book a tele-appointment with a physician today!

All this social isolation is making me anxious!

The feeling is mutual among the population at large. Staying indoors for an indefinite period can be overwhelming and make you anxious. There is a lot of uncertainty and fear lurking around. However, there is a lot of information out there that we can use to stay safe and keep our loved ones safe too. For more details on the prevention of COVID19, book a tele-appointment with a physician online and receive authentic medical information from home!

Social isolation doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected with friends and family. There are tons of apps that you can use to call friends, relatives, and colleagues. Plan conference calls with a group of friends or uses this time to reconnect with pals you haven't spoken to in a while.

Here are some ways to enjoy this period of social isolation.

  1. Use apps and set up chat dates. At times you might feel weighed down by your loneliness and might avoid talking to anyone, but people say they feel lighter and better at the end of a conversation with friends and family. You could make it a regular feature of your week and see how that goes. Sometimes the best way to curb that anxiety is by talking to people you trust. If you don’t have a support system you can fall back on, then book a tele-appointment with a physician and get professional counseling at home.
  2. Schedule conference calls with your colleagues. In light of the current situation, most people are working remotely. It can take some time getting used to and you might feel like you’re just not getting enough done or falling behind. Thanks to technology, you can schedule conference calls and discuss weekly tasks ahead of time. Set up a small space for your home office and stay connected professionally too.
  3. Play virtual games. There are several games online that you can play with your friends. It’s a great way to have fun while spending time with your friends. Virtual hangouts can be just as engaging as live ones. To learn how you can stimulate the production of happy hormones and improve your mental health, get expert medical advice from home by getting a tele-appointment with a physician.
  4. Work out online with a friend. Following workout videos at home can feel like such a task. To make it a little interesting, you could have a virtual workout buddy to get those steps in for the day. One of the good things about at-home workouts is that it’s for free! So, call a friend and workout together!
  5. Start a journal. Experts say an effective method of acknowledging your feelings and emotions is to start writing your feelings down. Journaling can be cathartic. Visualizing your feelings on paper can help you deal with stress and anxiety. For some people, writing has the same effect as meditation and deep breathing. It helps release the build-up of excess stress and is a great stress management technique.

Take time out for your health. Just because you can’t go to a doctor doesn’t mean you can’t reach one. An online physician is a trained and qualified healthcare provider that is trained to provide primary healthcare from a distance. Non-urgent and minor health conditions can be addressed online and treated online effectively. Check your internet connection, download an online physician app and book a tele-appointment with a physician at your convenience.

A telemedicine app is a great tool for primary healthcare. Most virtual appointments last 15 minutes or so and are just as effective as in-person appointments. Download Mylivedoctors on your smartphone and book a tele-appointment with a physician for any medical query, a second opinion or online prescription.

It might help to write down some points before your appointment so you can discuss them with your online physician. Prioritize your health and get care anywhere with Mylivedoctors.