Consult Online doctor in Pakistan

The covid-19 pandemic has not only tested the healthcare system in Pakistan but has also exposed its shortcomings and limitations. One of the first emergency measures taken by healthcare officials was diverting primary care services away from the hospital, reserving its services for covid-suspected cases only. People who required primary care services were asked to consult a doctor online in Pakistan and get treated remotely.

Thanks to advancements in technology, digital healthcare is available for patients to reach doctors without visiting a clinic or hospital. Book an online doctor’s appointment and consult a doctor online in Pakistan. Get the healthcare you deserve from the safety of your home.

How can I consult a doctor online in Pakistan?

If you’re skeptical about online or telehealth services, download an online doctor app on your smartphone and give it a try. Why risk exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus when you can address basic health problems at home.

Stats show that 90% of patients requiring primary care approve of online doctors and remote healthcare services. If you have a minor health concern and require medical assistance, consult a doctor online in Pakistan with an online doctor app today!

Advantages of an online doctor consultation

  1. Save on travel

Traveling to see your doctor comes with a cost. Why spend time and money on a physical doctor’s visit when you can log into an online doctor app and get a virtual medical consultation from home.

This is especially useful for people who have chronic health conditions or may be immobile. Whatever the reason may be, you can treated remotely and effectively with an online doctor consultation in Pakistan.

  1. Physician accessibility

Reports suggest that 35-40% of people go online to check their symptoms and try to self-diagnose. With so much information at your fingertips, this is inevitable. With an online doctor consultation in Pakistan, one can avoid the error of a misdiagnosis.

A health and wellness blog can provide information and may tell you the different possibilities based on your symptoms, but there are always going to be limitations. With an online doctor consultation you will be able to get authentic and reliable information which will help you make better and more informed decisions.  

  1. Affordable

In a country like Pakistan, where more than 70% of the population lies in rural and remote areas, an online doctor consultation is an extremely affordable and cost-effective option for the general public. According to multiple reports, an online doctor consultation in Pakistan halves the overall healthcare cost of an individual.

If you can’t afford a conventional doctor’s visit, you can see one online for a much cheaper consultation fee or even for free.

  1. Online prescription

Patients with chronic health conditions like diabetes and hypertension require regular monitoring to ensure optimal health parameters are sustained. Most people with chronic health conditions require long-term prescription medication and need refill prescription when they run out.

A quick and convenient solution for a refill prescription is to get one through an online doctor consultation. Most individuals that require primary healthcare can get an online prescription after a detailed history and virtual assessment.

  1. Safe and secure

Several polls showed that a large proportion of people aren’t very tech savvy, particularly older people. One of their concerns is safety and reliability. Make sure you book an online doctor appointment through an authentic and verified platform. Most online doctor apps have authentic and board-certified doctors working for remote patient care.

Once you use the app and get an online doctor consultation in Pakistan, you will see that patient-doctor confidentiality is not compromised. Only you will have access to your medical data and be able to share it with your online physician.

  1. Convenient

The covid-19 pandemic has uprooted the healthcare system as we know it. People are still uncertain of how things are going to end up. The fear and anxiety of becoming ill is on the rise. Instead of brushing your health problems under the carpet, get an online doctor consultation in Pakistan and get treated from the convenience of your own home.   

You don’t have to wait days for a doctor’s appointment anymore. Book an online doctor appointment the same day by downloading an online doctor app on your smartphone or mobile device. No need to take a day off work or hire a babysitter. Get treated by qualified healthcare professionals by means of virtual communication.

  1.  Make informed decisions

You can only make informed and better decisions about your health if you get information from an authentic source. You will be able to confirm the info you collect online about your symptoms or health problem with board-certified physicians in an online doctor consultation.

Discuss your health concerns on the phone and get expert medical advice that you can rely on, not things you have read online. An online doctor cannot replace in-clinic care, but an online doctor consultation can point you in the right direction and help you treat everyday health problems effectively.

  1. Avoid covid-19 exposure

The main goal of healthcare officials in Pakistan was to help people who needed it most when the pandemic first broke out. They consistently advised non-urgent patients to stay at home and get in touch with an online doctor. Most healthcare institutions set up online doctor consultation services to ensure the continuous provision of primary healthcare services. This was the safest way to bridge the patient-physician gap.

With an online doctor consultation in Pakistan, you limit the risk of catching the SARS-CoV-2 virus by staying away from the hospital, particularly for people with a compromised immune system.

Download the Mylivedoctors app and book an online doctor consultation in Pakistan today! A virtual doctor’s visit is just as effective as an in-person visit if not more! Thanks to technology, online doctors use smart symptom checkers and along with a comprehensive medical history can effectively treat you from home.

Online healthcare services like Mylivedoctors are a useful extension to your health care arrangement. It’s efficient for both doctor and patient. Book an online doctor consultation in Pakistan today!