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Telehealth offers a variety of outpatient healthcare services, which have significantly improved healthcare accessibility for patients as well as offered healthcare organizations and professionals a platform to provide virtual care with expert doctors. If you’re looking for expert medical advice, book a consultation with a doctor online today. 

With Telehealth gaining popularity, it is important to identify the sections of healthcare where there is a huge gap, and how telehealth can offer the biggest impact. As the world is progressing, we are faced with numerous challenges, most prominent today being the Coronavirus pandemic. And so, especially in these times, telehealth has provided patients with the best benefits. You can also benefit from this technology by booking a consultation with a doctor online

When we talk about the advancements in healthcare, one cannot underestimate the gaps traditional healthcare facilities have still yet to fill. There are millions of people suffering from a chronic illness, and every year that number is increasing. Some of the chronic conditions include:

  1. Arthritis, 
  2. Alzheimer's 
  3. Asthma
  4. Cancer, 
  5. Diabetes, 
  6. Endometriosis, 
  7. Fibromyalgia, 
  8. Heart diseases, 
  9. Hypertension, 
  10. Kidney diseases, & many more..

In a 2019 report, The World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that 7 of the top 10 leading causes of death were Chronic Diseases; with Ischaemic Heart Disease as the no. 1 leading cause of deaths around the world. Nearly 55.4 million people die every year from Chronic Diseases. In Pakistan the numbers are far worse, due to the lack of awareness in regards to management of chronic illnesses as well as lack of health care services. You can now consult expert doctors online via telehealth if you are suffering from symptoms of hypertension or diabetes, etc. 

Why Telehealth for Chronic Disease Management?

Chronic diseases account for a large number of out-patient hospital visits, as well as emergency care. Above that, 9 out of 10 prescriptions are related to the treatment or management of chronic conditions. Telehealth is a powerful tool that can help patients in need of chronic disease management, which requires doctors to provide continuous healthcare with appointments on a regular basis. Telehealth offers you a virtual care experience with an expert doctor, that is more manageable and accessible from the comfort of your home.

Efficient And Cost-Effective Care

In a traditional healthcare setup, a chronic illness patient is expected to come in for multiple follow-up appointments over a long period of time. A lot of times patients end up in emergency rooms due to acute flare-ups in-between these scheduled checkups. These flare-ups not only pose the risk of readmission but also could be potentially life-threatening. And so, clearly the traditional model of care is inefficient, both economically and medically. 

Better Communication Between Patient and Doctor

One of the biggest challenges for patients with chronic disease is following a strict regimen, which a lot of times include extensive lifestyle changes, such as dietary changes, physical activity, daily medications etc. Telehealth gives patients the convenience of monitoring and reporting their readings and any changes remotely, so that the doctor can provide timely and clinically accurate interventions to reduce the risk of flare-ups and readmissions. If you are suffering from recurrent high blood pressure or high sugar levels, consult an expert doctor online.

Can Online Consultations Improve Chronic Disease Management?

Although there are multiple effective treatments and resources available for chronic diseases, they are often poorly controlled. And so, chronic diseases remain a leading cause of preventable deaths and excess healthcare costs around the world. The situation is even worse for populations in poorer countries such as Pakistan because of economic instability, lack of access to quality care and limited awareness and knowledge of the diseases. You can now find expert doctors online via telehealth.

The very definition of chronic means “long-lasting”, and so for people with such conditions, Chronic Disease are a persistent and lingering challenges in their life. The burden that comes along with it, be it financial, mental and physical, takes a large toll on the patients. For some patients with severe symptoms, even getting out of bed can be a challenge and getting the necessary care. Since the Covid-19 pandemic the past year has made management of chronic conditions, even more challenging than before. If you are overwhelmed by your symptoms, book an online appointment today.

Self-management and medical consultations are the basic requirements to manage chronic conditions, yet this support is often limited. This is why Telehealth is an essential platform which provides patients with the support, guidance and interventions necessary to mitigate the risks and control symptoms. One of the most promising features for patients is the ability to book an appointment anywhere and anytime they want. This ensures access to your doctor if you are ever having flare-ups or elevated symptoms. With telehealth patients can also record their readings and data, for e.g., blood pressure, and send them to their doctor online. Another component of telehealth that is effective in the management of chronic diseases is medication and appointment reminders, so patients never miss on their daily doses and appointments. Telehealth brings you convenience and access to expert doctors at your doorstep.

How can you book an online appointment with an expert doctor?

MY LIVE DOCTORS are a telehealth platform for all your medical concerns, with expert doctors from around the world at your doorstep in Pakistan. MLD interface is simple and easy-to-use, accessible via website or mobile app compatible on iOS and android. With MLD, we offer remote consultations, in-home monitoring, remote specialist consultations and e-prescriptions. Search for specialist doctors who can help you manage your chronic conditions better. 

My Live Doctors features include:

Public Forum: If you are looking for advice regarding best practices and medicines regarding your chronic disease, MLD have a public forum for you. You can ask expert doctors your questions and get free advice.

  • Create a Profile: With the help of EMR, you can now add your personal and medical history before booking your appointment, which will save time and give your online doctor all the necessary history needed to devise the best treatment plan for you.
  • E-Prescription: With MLD your online doctor can prescribe you medications too in the form of an e-prescription. 
  • Treatment Plan: Your treatment plan will have all the information you need to manage your symptoms or keep track in the future, such as prescribed medicines, dosages, frequencies etc.
  • Monitoring: With MLD you can record your vitals such as blood pressure, glucose levels on a daily basis, on your patient profile. Your online doctor will easily access your data for the next appointment.
  • Get Notified: You will get timely reminders of books appointments via push notification, text notification and email notifications.

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