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Depression is another one of the many social taboos in Pakistan. Not only that but talking about getting therapy is worse, because apparently only ‘crazy’ people get that far. If you think you suffer from depression and would like to talk to someone about it, find an expert doctor online. If you’re in Lahore, an easy way of finding an expert doctor online in Lahore is through an online doctor app. 

How can I find an expert doctor online in Lahore with an app?

As with most services today, healthcare has also become a service that you can access online. An online doctor app is a very convenient tool for people to find expert doctors online from wherever they may be. Online healthcare apps are among the most popular apps out there with millions of downloads every day! In a country like Pakistan where psychiatric illnesses would rather be brushed under the carpet, this is a very convenient way of finding expert doctors online.

All you have to do is search for a local telemedicine service, have a decent internet connection and download the app on your smartphone or mobile device. Most mobile apps are free to download, and just like that you will have instant connection with qualified expert doctors online in Lahore or which ever city you belong to. 

Not so fun facts about depression

  • Depression is the leading cause of morbidity world over
  • Depression is also the leading cause of disability worldwide
  • Around 17.3 million Americans are affected by a major depressive disorder
  • More than 300 million people suffer from some sort of depression world over
  • Depression is one of the contributors of burden of disease
  • Every third person in Pakistan suffers from depression or anxiety

How can people get help?

It’s actually very simple! People can easily get help by asking for help! If your circumstances don’t allow you to go to a psychiatrist’s clinic then find an expert doctor online and get therapy on the phone. Surveys show that the majority of people with depression or other mental health conditions are more comfortable talking to a therapist over the phone. 

Some people just find it more convenient. They are able to book online doctor appointments at their own convenience. Finding expert doctors online in Lahore, or elsewhere has never been easier. According to a study, 10-44% of the individuals living in developing countries are affected by depressive episodes at some point in their lives. That’s almost half the population! 

What does depression feel like?

This is the question you should ask yourself before jumping to conclusions. It seems like everyone is depressed today, when that’s not the case. The word depression is being thrown around very casually and the misuse of this word can actually lead you to believe that you too could be suffering from a major depressive disorder. 

If you’re confused or want some answers then download a telehealth app on your smartphone and find expert doctors online. If you live in Lahore, then narrow the search to your area and find expert doctors online in Lahore. Studies show that most patients showed up at the doctor’s clinic for expert medical advice or guidance for minor health conditions. This not only used up the physician’s time but the patient’s as well. Telehealth mobile apps allows patients to get expert medical advice from the convenience of their homes. 

Here are some warning signs of depression you should look out for:

  • Persistent feelings of sadness
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Hopelessness
  • Self-loathing

More severe cases of depression might include worrisome symptoms like thoughts of self-harm or harming others. People who refuse to seek help or delay getting treatment often go into a downward spiral and may even have suicidal tendencies. If you or someone you know suffers from depressive symptoms please get help as soon as possible. If you can’t leave home then find expert doctors online in Lahore, Karachi or wherever you are. 

Can therapy with expert doctors online really help?

One of the top goals of telemedicine services is to make healthcare more accessible for the masses. It’s not only more expansive with an almost global outreach but cuts the over all healthcare cost in half! A major portion of the Pakistani population lies in rural areas, and most of them can’t afford quality healthcare. So whether you live in a village or a big city like Lahore, you can easily find expert doctors online in Lahore too. 

Online healthcare providers are qualified and licensed to treat patients remotely. They can monitor your health condition regularly and even write e-prescriptions. Expert doctors online in Lahore or anywhere else for that matter can give therapy sessions on the phone. 

Studies show that majority of the people affected by major depressive disorder or anxiety are females but with the rapid rise of depression in Pakistan (and worldwide) this mental health condition will affect both genders equally in by 2020. 

Finding expert doctors online has especially been useful for females. Local studies show that females, in general are exposed to a great deal of emotional stress in terms of domestic abuse, household dilemmas, financial insecurity, lack of family support and basic resources. Online doctor apps and telehealth platforms on social media have provided an avenue of help for them. 

Are therapy sessions with expert doctors online safe?

Depression is a treatable condition. Treatment options range from guided self-management to cognitive and behavioral therapy. An insightful and professional intervention is a necessary means to healing and expert doctors online can help you take that first step towards betterment.

Online telemedicine apps are completely safe. Your medical records and conversations are stored in a safe and secure online database that only you will be able to access. If you’re looking for help and want to give online therapy a chance then download the My live doctors app and find expert doctors online in Lahore or any city across Pakistan.