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Telehealth services are the need of the hour with hospitals only being used for medical emergencies and COVID-19 patients. There are tons of medical issues that do not fall under the ‘emergency’ category but require medical assistance, nonetheless. Find doctors online in Pakistan by downloading an online doctor app on your smartphone.

Can I find a good doctor online in Pakistan?

Most major healthcare organizations have started their own telemedicine networks to ensure continuous patient care. Online doctors work around the clock to facilitate the patient’s needs at home thereby preventing unnecessary exposure to the covid19 infection. 

You can find a doctor online in Pakistan easily on any Pakistani telemedicine platform. It’s a great option for getting treated at home and getting medical advice on the go. It’s speedy, makes quality healthcare accessible to the masses, and cuts down overall healthcare costs by half. It’s easy to find doctors online in Pakistan with healthcare mobile apps.

Reports show that an increasing number of patients were using healthcare apps to connect with online doctors for online medical consultations even before the pandemic. The current situation, however, has made is a necessity. If you don’t require urgent hospital care, find a doctor online in Pakistan that can treat you remotely. Save the trip to the hospital and skip the waiting room. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone. All you need to do is download an online doctor app to get started.

Are online doctors reliable?

Surveys show that healthcare apps are downloaded by the millions all over the world! They’re among some of the most popular mobile apps out there! With information at the fingertips, people are educating themselves thereby becoming more conscious about their health and turning to online doctors for guidance.

Find a doctor online in Pakistan with an online doctor app. After downloading the online doctor's app, you will be able to book an online doctor’s appointment at your convenience. Scroll through an online doctor list and choose a physician or specialist that seems like the best fit for you. Tele-doctors or e-doctors are qualified and trained healthcare providers that work around the clock to serve you when it suits you. Experts say that more than 80% of health problems that don’t require emergency care can effectively be treated online.

What can an online doctor treat?

Once you find an online doctor in Pakistan¸ you can get treated for basic, everyday health problems on the phone. Everything from the flu, stomach ache, diarrhea, allergies, migraine, sinusitis, skin conditions to UTIs and other chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

An online doctor appointment in Pakistan is a much better alternative for people with chronic conditions that need to check up with the doctor regularly after every few months. At follow-up visits, the doctor makes sure the patient is taking the meds on time and complying with the rest of the doctor’s orders. Sometimes, patients have a tough time adjusting to the medication or experience allergies and unwanted side effects. Find a doctor online allows you to schedule follow-ups at your convenience and not miss them. These issues and more are addressed at these appointments.

Other health conditions that can be treated online include:

  • Acne
  • Constipation
  • Cough
  • Ear infections
  • Bug bites
  • Nausea
  • Conjunctivitis or pink eye
  • Rash
  • Chronic asthma
  • Sore throat
  • Vaginal infection
  • Vomiting

There is much more to add to the list, but this gives a fair idea of what can be treated effectively online.

Telemedicine does not claim to replace primary care or in-clinic visits, it is an extension of the healthcare system that is already in place. It is playing its role in helping the primary care sector in revolutionary ways. Finding online doctors in Pakistan and getting an online medical consultation has reduced the burden of patients with minor illnesses at hospitals. Primary care physicians are now able to manage their patients more effectively based on how serious their illness is.

Online healthcare services don’t only allow patients to find doctors online in Pakistan or ask a doctor, but it also enables doctors to save time consulting patients on the phone. This way, doctors are able to give extra time to more serious patients that visit the clinic.

Can I get an online prescription?

Yes! E-doctors or tele-doctors are authorized to write and give out prescriptions online. If you require a refill, you don’t need to wait endlessly at the hospital just for a prescription anymore. Simply connect with an online doctor and get one online. Download an online doctor app on your smartphone, find an online doctor in Lahore, Karachi or whichever city you live in and access the primary physician in no time!

If your medical condition requires further investigation your online doctor will advise you accordingly. Then you will either need to book an online doctor appointment with a specialist or with a physician in your area.

Are online doctors easily available?

The great thing about finding doctors online in Pakistan is that you can look them up on almost any social media platform. There are hundreds of medical query groups online where patients or people with medical questions are able to ask a doctor about whatever they need help with. Other patients are able to share their experiences as well. This forms an online community or support group where people not only find online doctors but don’t feel alone anymore.

When it comes to safety, quality healthcare, comfort, and convenience, finding a doctor online in Pakistan is the safest bet. Book a video consultation in an instant and get treated virtually. You might be asked to provide a brief history of your health problem which will help the physician help you.


If you want to give it a try download the My live doctors app on your smartphone and instantly find online doctors in Pakistan. It is a platform that is helping people get primary healthcare across the country, even in rural areas. Connect now!