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We tend to underestimate our kids and teenagers when it comes to them expressing their feelings. Sometimes they express themselves without words, which is evident by peculiar behavior. Reports show that an alarmingly high proportion of children are having a hard time dealing with this pandemic. If you’re concerned about your child’s mental health talk to a mental health expert or consult a doctor online in Pakistan.

How can I consult a doctor online in Pakistan?

Digital health is a fairly new concept in Pakistan but has picked up during the pandemic as most healthcare institutions were compelled to shift their primary healthcare services online. If you want to consult a doctor online in Pakistan, call your local healthcare facility and ask them about their remote or virtual healthcare services.

Another quick and convenient way to consult a doctor online in Pakistan is with a doctor consultation app. Download an online doctor app on your smartphone or mobile device. Most apps are free to download and have an affordable online consultation fee. A few doctor consultation apps are offering free online doctor consultations during the pandemic.

How has the pandemic affected children?                                      

Kids often make excuses to stay home and not go to school, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and schools closed indefinitely, children didn't understand the seriousness of the situation. Their daily routines, social gatherings, and outings were restricted. The strict public health actions that were put into place almost immediately infringed upon their personal space and that was unfamiliar territory.

Despite parents trying to make this experience as 'normal' as possible for their children, it's not easy sheltering them form a global health crisis, and its effects soon became evident. Mental health experts weighed in on the impact of fear, anxiety, limited socialization, and increased screen time were having on children.  If you feel like your child is having a tough time during this pandemic, reach out for help.

Since most non-urgent health matters are being catered to remotely, you can easily consult a doctor online in Pakistan and receive expert counseling or mental health advice from the safety of your own home. Your child can talk to the online doctor personally with supervision. A teenager however might be more comfortable taking an online doctor consultation alone.

What does grief look like for children?

Younger children might have a difficult time expressing their feelings of loss and grief simply because it's a new experience and they don't know how to articulate that. Teenagers on the other hand may or may not be open to the idea of sharing their feelings with you. Shock and confusion tend to supersede any other emotion under stress. If you feel like your children may be showing some signs of unchecked stress or anxiety, like mood swings, irritability, difficulty sleeping, or reduced appetite, talk to a mental health expert.

Consult a doctor online in Pakistan with a doctor consultation app. Book an online doctor consultation at your convenience and receive expert advice from home. Instantly connect to mental health professionals and get help for your child.

Signs and symptoms of grief or loss in children

According to expert child psychologists, this pandemic has taken a toll on their mental health. Kids have expressed sadness towards the cancellation of school activities, planned field trips, birthdays, and other special events like proms and graduations. A lot of families have experienced the death or loss of a loved one during the pandemic as well as unemployment. Parents who work from home have had a tough time adjusting to the new work environment as well. The aforementioned factors have contributed to the new onset of mental health problems as well as the worsening of pre-existing mental health conditions.

A child may deal with loss differently compared to an adult. Here are some signs to look out for in children:

  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Prolonged periods of sadness
  • Attention seeking behavior like acting younger than their age
  • Social withdrawal
  • Reduced school performance

If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your kids or have recently experienced a loss and need help, get an online doctor consultation in Pakistan. Book an online doctor consultation with a doctor’s app. Studies show that early professional intervention results in quicker recovery and healing. It’s always better to resort to mental health experts and help children deal with their trauma early on.

Most teenagers feel lonely and isolated. They prefer talking to their peers instead of their parents or professionals. Any or all of these feelings may put them at an increased risk of depression or anxiety. Research studies show that mental health challenges have increased during past pandemics. An overwhelming proportion of people in Pakistan already suffer from mental health conditions like depression and anxiety and the pandemic has only worsened the situation.

Signs of grief, depression, and anxiety are often overlooked in children. Your child may be at risk, so it's important to pay attention to their mental health. Book an online doctor consultation in Pakistan today. Download an online doctor app and get a live video consultation from wherever you are.

Listen to your children

The most important thing you can do for your children during this time is to talk to your children. Listen to what they have to say and also listen to what they don’t say. Children often express themselves through behavior. During this confusing time, ask your children how they’re feeling about the changes in their environment. If they’ve experienced a loss, revisit pleasant memories of the deceased, hold a memorial in their name or do something special to honor them. This might give some sort of closure and make your child feel less confused and alone.

However, if you feel like talking about feelings isn’t helping at all, don't hesitate to call the pediatrician or a mental health professional to help them. Getting an online doctor consultation in Pakistan can help children make sense of their feelings and gain perspective of the situation. Your teenager might be able to open up to a therapist in ways that he/she might not with you. The goal of an online doctor consultation is to equip them will skills to deal with their emotional problems in a healthy way. Experts say therapy benefits the whole family, not just the child.

During the pandemic, clinic visits have been cut down to a minimum and strict public health actions have been enforced so it may be difficult to visit a mental health provider personally. A safe option would be to seek professional help from home.

Virtual mental healthcare for children

If you have concerns about going to a hospital for therapy, a quick and convenient way to receive professional help would be with an online doctor consultation mobile app. Most telehealth apps are free to download in Pakistan, and some are even offering free online consultations during the pandemic. Virtual healthcare services can be a great option for your child to speak with a healthcare professional in a matter of days instead of having to wait for weeks or months.

An online doctor consultation or video calls have the same benefits as an in-person doctor's visit. Studies show that patients seem to be more comfortable talking remotely. Online doctor consultations have provided results to patients with depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems.

If you want to give it a try, download the Mylivedoctors app on your smartphone and book an online doctor consultation today.