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Pakistan has been in a state of lockdown for the past month or two and has begun to ease the lockdown in the last 10 days of Ramadan. Doctors still urge people to stay indoors and not take this is as an invitation for large social gatherings. If you need medical assistance for a minor health problem, get an online doctor consultation through an online doctor app.

How to get an online doctor consultation in Pakistan?

Ever since the covid19 pandemic has escalated in Pakistan, several healthcare organizations have branched out into telehealth and telemedicine networks to facilitate patients with remote primary healthcare services. Online doctor consultation is only a few taps away.

Download an online doctor app on your smartphone and book an online doctor consultation. Whether you need a physician or a specialist you can receive medical assistance from the safety of your own home.

How can an online doctor help me?

Research shows that more than half of the patients that show up at a clinic present with minor health issues that could have easily been treated remotely. Most doctors are overburdened with patients. Remote patient care options such as an online doctor consultation surpass the need for the physical presence of a medical practitioner.

A patient is assisted by the sharing of medical images and lab reports, which can be sent to the respective doctor online. This practice is very common in dermatology and radiology. For instance, if you have a skin lesion or need a lab report to be interpreted by a doctor, an image can be emailed or sent through an online doctor consultation app.

Once an online doctor appointment is booked, you can send the image. This will enable the physician to examine the lesion or read the report and respond accordingly. You will either be given an online prescription or referred to a specialist for further investigation.

Remote monitoring for chronic conditions

People with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma require regular monitoring of symptoms to ensure optimum patient health. Remote monitoring of various signs and symptoms of different chronic diseases is achieved by using a range of technological devices. Self-testing by patients is encouraged. This not only provides an accurate remote assessment of the patient’s clinical signs; it increases patient satisfaction.

Advantages of an online consultation

Remote patient care is expanding all over the world. Surveys show that patients prefer a doctor with an online presence. It provides a sense of comfort and makes them more approachable. Here are some benefits of an online doctor consultation.

  • Cheap/affordable
  • Quick
  • Convenient
  • Easily accessible

Real-time, online patient care!

With the onset of this pandemic, doctors and other health experts have been asking people to stay home and only visit the hospital when there’s an emergency. However, there is a wide spectrum of non-urgent medical conditions that require medical assistance, and they can be taken care of remotely.

A virtual visit cannot replace an in-person meeting with a doctor, but it has proven to be a great tool for patients who otherwise don’t have access to a medical facility or healthcare provider. Similarly, telemedicine is playing a pivotal role during this pandemic by providing remote patient care by means of virtual communication.

Different mediums can be used for an online doctor consultation such as audio-calls, video-calls, or home visits for more serious cases. A detailed assessment of a patient’s medical condition can be made by obtaining a medical history and a remote examination.

Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety require live time psychotherapy or counseling. Fear and anxiety levels have increased during the covid19 pandemic and people are searching for qualified psychologists and psychiatrists that can help them online.

Download an online doctor app for online counseling sessions!

Once you’ve downloaded an online doctor's app, you can book an online doctor’s appointment with a qualified psychotherapist and receive online counselling from the convenience of your own home. Chronically high stress levels can result in a weakened immune system. That’s the last thing you want in a deadly pandemic such as this one.

Don’t be ashamed of asking for help. Join mental health groups on social media and become part of a support group. A support group will make you feel less alone. You can schedule online doctor consultations as and when it suits you too. Cover your ground and make mental health a priority right now.

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Choose one, book an online doctor consultation, and receive remote patient care from the safety of your own home! No need to risk unnecessary exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus or other germs by going to the hospital in the absence of an emergency.

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