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A new study shows that individuals with type 2 diabetes have a higher risk of getting a heart attack or stroke within 10 years of being diagnosed. If you have diabetes, talk to your doctor or book a tele-appointment with a doctor online and get first-hand info from the convenience of your own home.

How to schedule a tele-appointment with a doctor online?

A doctor online is a qualified healthcare professional that is trained and authorized to treat medical conditions remotely. For a remote online consultation, you can get a consultation with a doctor online in Lahore, Karachi, or any city across Pakistan.

Studies show that more than 80% of health problems can be solved online effectively provided that they don’t require emergency care.

By booking an online doctor’s appointment, you can instantly connect with a doctor online. You can choose a physician or specialist. Remote consultations with a doctor online is not only convenient but quicker and cheaper too. It only takes a few minutes to book a tele-appointment with a doctor online in Pakistan at a time that’s convenient for you. Most doctor apps are user friendly and you can usually sign up by answering a couple of simple questions.   

After you’ve scheduled an appointment with a doctor online at a time slot that suits you, you can engage in an online medical consultation either through audio or video call. A live video call will allow your doctor online to assess your situation in real-time. If you don't feel comfortable with a video call, you can talk to your doctor online over the phone.

A virtual medical consultation with a doctor online in Pakistan is effective for remote monitoring of chronic illnesses

Patients with chronic conditions often experience fluctuations in health parameters such as blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It may not be an emergency but typically requires medical assistance. A quick way for patients to get professional medical advice is by calling a doctor online with a doctor’s app. A doctor online is just as reliable as a live doctor. Your doctor online is trained to use a telemedicine app and treat remotely. Only you and your doctor online can access your medical records and lab reports.

Statistics show that most patients with chronic disease prefer a doctor online, someone with an online presence. Patients find doctors online more approachable. Online health services have enabled patients to easily access doctors online at their convenience. Reports show that an increasing number of tele-appointments with doctors online in Pakistan are being booked today than ever before.

Doctors online have also empowered millions of lives in rural areas. Now people in remote villages can connect to a doctor online through free teleconsultation camps in their region.  The pandemic has compelled the use of technology even more and being able to call a doctor online so easily has changed the dynamics of the patient-doctor relationship for the better.


Fast facts on a new study linking type 2 diabetes and risk of heart attack

  • The average age of patients in the study is 70 years
  • Most patients had pre-existing conditions such as hypertension, obesity, and high cholesterol
  • more than 90 percent of people with type 2 diabetes (T2D) are at high risk of fatal heart disease or stroke within 10 years.
  • Half of the patients in the study had no history of heart disease
  • 14% of the people were current smokers

Health experts have voiced their concern over this data and have announced a call for action to prevent heart attacks and strokes in people with diabetes type 2 in Europe. If you want to learn more, talk to a doctor online today, and prevent diabetes-associated heart disease!

What happens is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder in which there is either insulin insufficiency or insulin resistance. Insulin insufficiency results from an under-functioning pancreas and insulin resistance occur when the cells of the body don't respond to normal levels of insulin. In both cases, glucose levels continue to rise in the blood instead of being used by the cells ultimately resulting in diabetes. An initial increase in blood sugar levels is known as prediabetes, and chronically high levels are diabetes.

According to the CDC, around 88 million Americans have prediabetes and 33 million have diabetes. Diabetes and heart disease may be chronic illnesses but are one of the leading causes of death. If you have diabetes, heart disease, or a family history of either illness and want to learn how to manage or prevent it, talk to a doctor online today!

Scheduling a virtual appointment with a doctor online has never been easier. Skip the waiting room and call a doctor online with a doctor’s app.

Management of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be managed effectively provided the patient complies with the doctor's orders. There are several drugs that your doctor may prescribe to help you manage your symptoms.

  • Metformin (Glucophage) helps reduce blood sugar levels
  • Colesevelam (Welchol), helps reduce cholesterol levels
  • Bromocriptine (Cycloset), helps reduce blood sugar after a meal

Do not self-medicate. A quick way to get expert medical advice is to ask a doctor online. Knowing when and how to take your meds is an important step in diabetes management.

Other ways to manage and even reverse diabetes is by losing weight. Try to incorporate some form of physical activity during the day and choose healthier meal options. Losing fat and maintaining muscle is key to improving insulin resistance. A healthy diet and exercise slows down the blockage, maintains healthy blood pressure, and improves insulin resistance.

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