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E-doctors are gaining popularity in the virtual world through telemedicine and telehealth services. Telemedicine isn’t as new as we think it is. Before the internet age, doctors used telemedicine to connect a patient they were working with in one location to a specialist in another. This was particularly useful for patients in remote or hard to reach areas. Today with development in technology and proliferation of smartphones telemedicine has changed the infrastructure of the healthcare system worldwide.

Now you can find best doctors online with an app to find a doctor on your smartphone! An online medical consultation is as real as it gets and in fact is a great way to adapt to the increasing hustle and bustle of daily life and make health care accessible, even on the go!  A chat with a doctor from your office, home or during a quick lunch break can now be achieved almost instantly and all you need is an internet connection.

A lot of health insurance companies are getting on board with telemedicine portals as a service that considerably cuts down costs, is convenient and can make common health problems such as the flu, headaches and bug bites much easier and quicker to treat. It eliminates the hassle of long waiting lines and unnecessary stress of being in a hospital environment. Most people often avoid visiting an online doctor simply because they think their condition isn’t that ‘serious’ and can be put off for a while longer. What most people don’t understand is that delaying treatment of a simple health problem could complicate it in the future.

Can I use the online doctor app to find a General Physician near me?

Doctors on call in the virtual space have received their fair share of skepticism as well. Some may feel like it’s not the same as going to the clinic but scheduling appointments the conventional way takes forever! The answer is simple- download a telemedicine app on your smartphone and book a GP appointment online within seconds! You can look up your doctor, find a specialist or GP in your region. It offers a great alternative to a traditional doctor-patient relationship in a hospital setting. You can book an appointment online and get treated at home, just like you would at a clinic. Online doctors are experienced, qualified and licensed to offer medical advice and treatment options.

A recent global survey conducted by a well-renowned news site revealed that due to revolution in technology 80% of medical health problems can solved online. According to another report, hospitals that offer telemedicine services benefit from lower costs, better healthcare services, improved efficacy and revenues.

The elderly population can benefit greatly from doctor availability apps by ‘attending’ follow-ups and monitoring chronic conditions like blood pressure and diabetes from the comfort of their own home. Telemedicine apps like MyLiveDoctors is quick, cheap and has easy to follow instructions. In fact, telemedicine portals don’t only lessen the burden of tiresome doctor appointments (for minor issues) but enable geriatric patients to get prescription online too!

Can I access an online doctor from anywhere?

Any place that has a decent internet connection will enable you to access an online physician. It’s a service particularly useful for people living in remote areas, distant from urban populations who may not have access to a medical facility nearby. Long commutes to the city or tertiary care centers can be avoided and settling for smaller health care setups doesn’t have to be the only option anymore. Juggling a hectic routine with other commitments and finding time for your health cannot get easier than this!

You can address your medical issues instantly by using MyLiveDoctors on your smartphone. For more information please visit and sign up for FREE right now!  

What is all the hype about?

There are many advantages of online medical consultation services. For instance:

  • Convenience: Technological advancements have enabled patients to access healthcare facilities and services from anywhere at any time, emergency or not. Telemedicine has made it easier for patients to incorporate healthcare into their busy routines without having to put them on hold.
  • Quality care: The field of telemedicine is an evolving one. Prime focus is patient care. You can ask a doctor about any issue that is troubling you and receive expert advice, treatment options and have your questions answered almost instantly. The results of a recent study show that telemedicine has reduced hospital admissions due to depression, stress and anxiety.
  • Widely accessible: An internet connection is widely available in most regions now including small rural setups and villages. Wide accessibility has ensured easy and quick patient-doctor access. Patients can maintain follow-ups and monitor their medication via telemedicine services and apps.  An online doctor visit via calls, texts, email, or doctor video can be accomplished from anywhere.
  • Consultation with specialists: Minor, everyday issues can be adequately addressed by qualified physicians, but specific problems warrant an evaluation by specialists. Conventionally, it could take months to book an appointment with a specialist, but telemedicine allows you to chat with a doctor of whatever specialty/department is required. Nothing but easy and instant consultation with the best in their field.

Online medical consultations cut the waiting time and healthcare cost in half. Communicating with licensed practitioners for a small consultation fee without any added tension can be so uplifting and will further motivate you to keep your health in check. Educating and spreading awareness through various online programs is only one of the major achievements of virtual healthcare.

MyLiveDoctors is a great platform for second opinions before you schedule a surgery or have been diagnosed with a condition you want more information on. Countless visits to various clinics due to discontent with previous doctors do not have to be an issue anymore. Alternative opinions and advice can put you at ease and help you make a better decision about your health condition. At the end of the day, ‘patient always knows best’ and you will be responsible for the choice you make (or don’t) regarding your health! Make a smart choice. Choose MyLiveDoctors.