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According to the WHO, in 2016 almost 2 billion adults aged 18 or over were overweight. The number has grown over the past 4 years and today, most states in America exceed 30% in overweight and obesity. The health effects of obesity are an economic burden because of the health complications associated with it.  Are you overweight? Find out by asking your doctor and learn how you can reduce your waist size and improve your health. You can find the best online physician and get expert medical advice at home.

How can an online physician help me?

An online physician works around the clock to answer your questions, no matter what time of the day it is. You don’t have to take a day off work anymore or wait hours in the waiting room to ask a doctor about a health concern. Download an online physician app on your smartphone or mobile device and book an online doctor appointment with the best online physician according to your convenience!

An online physician app is the fastest way to connect with the best online physician. An online physician in a trained and qualified healthcare provider that can treat your medical condition remotely. An online physician can:

  • Give you expert medical advice
  • Medical guidance
  • Treat you for non-urgent, minor health problems
  • Provide a second opinion
  • Interpret a lab report
  • Assess you on a video call
  • Advise lab tests
  • Write an online prescription
  • Give you re-fill prescriptions

Statistics show that an increasing number of patients are turning to online healthcare services simply because they are so convenient and affordable! Download an online physician app on your smartphone and instantly access some of the best online physicians with just a few clicks. Skip the waiting room by booking an online doctor's appointment on the same day!

How do reduce belly fat?

You’ve probably heard this before. Eat right and exercise and there’s no way that you won’t shed that stubborn fat. But what does it mean to eat right, and which exercises do we do?

Adopt a healthy diet

Adopting a healthy diet to reduce your belly fat and abdominal circumference will go a long way. It is more effective than target exercises to ‘spot reduce’ the affected area. Dietary guidelines recommend a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, no refined sugars, and minimal saturated fats. For a personalized diet plan, ask your doctor or find the best physician online and work out a weight loss plan that works for you. You can book an online appointment with an online nutritionist or an online dietician. Get expert advice from the convenience of your own home!

Having said that, it might sound like a diet means restricting all your favorite food. You can still indulge in cravings but consume your favorite treats in moderation. Find healthier alternatives so you can still enjoy food. Following a diet doesn't have to be limiting at all. It can be liberating! For more information on the fat-burning foods, book an online doctor appointment and find the best online physician today!

An important point to remember is to avoid unhealthy carbohydrates like white flour-based products, refined and processed food. Such foods tend to spike your blood sugar level and encourage fat deposition rather than fat loss. To learn about healthy carbs and alternatives find the best online physician with an online physician app.


There are two types of abdominal fat. There is fat underlying the skin known as subcutaneous fat and there is the deeper fat that covers the internal organs, called visceral fat. Undoubtedly, visceral fat is the more dangerous of the two. Abdominal fat increases your chances of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, certain cancers, bone and joint pain among other complications.

If you have any of the above health problems, see your doctor. A quick way to get an online medical consultation is by booking an online doctor's appointment. Download an online physician app on your smartphone or mobile device and find the best online physician instantly! Studies show that more than 80% of health problems can effectively be solved online.

Once you put your mind to it, you can achieve your health goals by combining exercise with a healthy diet. Instead of opting for abdominal exercises, focus on overall fat loss by doing aerobic exercises and strength training. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, ask your doctor about which exercises would be safe for you. Generally, walking is the best and most safe form of exercise for most people. For more information on safe workouts, download an online physician app and find the best online physician to help answer your questions.

Try to work out at least 4 times a week and remember that consistency is key to see long-term results. This is about making a lifestyle change, not a short-term goal or some ’30-day challenge’. Your doctors may prescribe some medicines to help you lose weight, but without adopting a healthy lifestyle medication won't help much in the long run.

How can I find the best online physician?

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