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The covid19 pandemic is beginning a new phase in which many countries are beginning to ease the lockdown and reopen small businesses to resume normalcy in routine. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is completely safe or that the coronavirus has disappeared. You still need to take the necessary precautions like social distancing and wearing masks and gloves. Consult your doctor if you are in the high-risk group for acquiring covid19 or schedule an online doctor’s appointment and receive professional medical advice at home.

Who is considered high-risk for getting covid19 infection?

Initially, the infection seemed to be more aggressive in the elderly population i.e. above 60 years of age. However, with time it has been observed that the covid19 infection affects individuals of all ages. However, there are people who are at a higher risk for developing covid19 infection.

  • Individuals with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease
  • Individuals with weak immune systems
  • Cancer patients
  • Individuals with lung conditions such as asthma or chronic bronchitis
  • Pregnant women

If you fall into any of the above categories, avoid risking exposure to the coronavirus by going to the hospital for follow-ups. Book an online doctor’s appointment and get an online doctor that can monitor you from home. Regular online checkups will enable you to keep track of your health without putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

How does life change after lockdown?

The current status of the infection is not nearly as overwhelming as it was when it began. Most local health authorities have issued an SOP guide that should be followed after lockdown as people ease back into working life. If you experience symptoms like headache, cough, or other cold-like symptoms after going back to work, contact your primary caregiver as soon as possible. A quick and convenient way of contacting a doctor without going to the hospital is by booking an online doctor’s appointment.

After more than 2 months of intense physical distancing, most countries are facing an economic downfall and deem it necessary to re-open restaurants and small businesses to recover the financial losses that have occurred because of this pandemic.

However, there are strict rules to adhere to while resuming work. SOPs are put in place to minimize the spread of infection and must be taken seriously. If you are going back to work and begin to experience symptoms associated with covid19, get an online medical consultation by booking an online doctor’s appointment with an online doctor app.

Is online healthcare effective?

Virtual patient care platforms have been in practice for several years, but there has been an exponential increase in demand for online doctors and online healthcare services during this global health crisis. Since most people are being advised to stay home, online healthcare apps are providing online doctors that can provide virtual medical assistance. All you need to do is download an online doctor's app on your smartphone and book an online doctor’s appointment at a time of your convenience.

Online doctors aren’t there to replace your primary healthcare provider, rather support them during this crisis. There are several health problems that don’t qualify as emergencies but need medical assistance or care, nonetheless. Since you are advised not to risk exposure by going to the hospital, booking an online doctor’s appointment is the next best option. Get quality care at home.

What are some standard SOPs to follow after lockdown?

This pandemic has not only endangered the lives of people but the economy as well. If you’re looking to go back to work, then please consult your local health authorities to find out the SOP recommendations. An important point to remember is to declare any symptoms you experience at your workplace without delay! You have to be a responsible citizen and not only keep yourself safe but others around you as well. Self-isolate for a minimum of 2 weeks if you suspect covid19.

Once you resume work here are some key pointers you need to adhere to, to ensure a safe and healthy working environment:

  • Disinfection of entire premises including washrooms, high touch areas, vehicles, public transport etc.
  • Adequate PPE should be provided. Each individual should wear at least a mask and a pair of gloves. The premises should provide extra gloves and masks for anyone who should need it.
  • All employees should be screened daily. A digital thermometer should be used to record daily temperatures.
  • Social distancing should be maintained as much as possible, a minimum of 6 feet to be precise.
  • Hand sanitizers should be available at the premises and be used routinely by everyone who enters and exits the property.
  • Physical meetings should be minimized, and virtual conference calls and online meetings should be used instead.

Remember, just because businesses and public places are opening up again doesn’t mean that you should rush to those places without precaution. Countries that have gotten through the acute emergency phase are focusing on reopening in a way that is least risky to the general population and that includes healthcare services.

If you need medical assistance, book an online doctor’s appointment, and play your part in preventing the spread of infection by staying at home. The SOPs mentioned above are put in place to allow people to resume a sense of normalcy for the maintenance of financial, physical, and mental health.

Download Mylivedoctors on your phone and use it as a tool to contact doctors instantly by booking an online doctor’s appointment. Do not be afraid to speak up if you or someone else begins to show symptoms. Report it, get tested, and stay home. Book an online doctor’s appointment at Mylivedoctors today and get expert medical advice from the safety of your own home! If you experience symptoms like headache, cough or other cold-like symptoms contact you, primary caregiver, as soon as possible.