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If anything, this global crisis has been a blatant reminder that everyone, everywhere should have access to quality and affordable healthcare. A quick and cost-effective way to get healthcare from the safety of your home is to book an online physician appointment. There are tons of online physician apps that you can download on your smartphone for free.

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has affected both rich and poor countries alike. According to international organizations such as the WHO and UNESCO, this pandemic has caused significant health, social, and economic blow to most countries. Healthcare systems didn’t only have to respond to the outbreak but simultaneously had to work to maintain primary healthcare as well.

The pandemic may have de-escalated right now, but COVID-19 isn't going anywhere. The first wave of the infection has been like a dress rehearsal for those of us who have survived. Studies show that most people have turned to online healthcare services and find online physician appointments more convenient and effective. Remote treatment through virtual communication is changing the dynamics of the healthcare industry as we know it.

Making quality healthcare accessible for all

The shift of primary healthcare providers to the digital space has been a gamechanger to ensure that health services are accessible and affordable for all. A large part of this movement depends on the prevention of disease prevention, health promotion, and emergency care. More funds need to be allocated to the healthcare industry for effective national crisis and disaster management.

Several healthcare organizations have compartmentalized physicians into telehealth. If you want medical assistance for everyday health problems, book an online physician appointment with an online physician app and get the help you need at home.

Online physicians are qualified healthcare professionals that are trained to treat you remotely. COVID-19 has not only exposed the vulnerable population but has demanded that we think about protecting everyone. The focus now more than ever should be public health actions and inclusivity regardless of age, sex, or location. A step that will transform the current healthcare system as we know it.

The importance of community building post COVID-19

To make long-lasting changes, small steps can go a long way. Special attention needs to be paid to common parameters for health and disease like disease surveillance, blood collection units, diagnostic labs and institutes, health information systems, workshops that focus on changing behaviors, community engagement, and gaining public trust in the health system. These steps require individual action as much as a collective action. Some communities have been rendered more vulnerable and neglected during this pandemic. Telehealth is a way forward to provide quality healthcare to this population.

If you would like to connect to a primary healthcare provider, book an online physician appointment with a telehealth app, and get treated without leaving the safety of your home. Whether it's an acute complaint like a minor cut or sore throat or a chronic condition like high blood pressure and diabetes, book an online physician appointment and opt for remote monitoring and treatment.


At the World Health Assembly last month, certain points were emphasized to create a more resilient and efficient healthcare system.

1. Strengthen primary healthcare

COVID-19 has reinforced and shifted the priorities of policymakers. The foundation of a strong health system and health security is based on primary health care. Powerful health officials from all over the country need to come together and strengthen national policies to promote quality primary healthcare, disease prevention, and focus on emergency preparedness. As basic as it may sound, these steps are the first steps towards providing stable and sound healthcare to all.

One of the ways healthcare is expanding to neglected and vulnerable populations is through online physicians. If you live in a remote or neglected area and you want expert medical advice regarding a health issue, then book an online physician appointment and get the care you deserve at home.

2. Increase health funding

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in economic recessions in most countries, so much so that they have been compelled to ease lockdown and open up essential small businesses to get the ball rolling again. If anything, the pandemic has highlighted enough reasons to prioritize health investments now. Investments in healthcare before calamity strikes is much smaller than the cost of allocating insufficient ‘emergency funds’ later.

Quality healthcare is expensive. Telehealth has been a silver lining in this domain. When you book an online physician appointment, you save on travel, in-person consultation fees, and hospital resources. Studies show that telehealth services cut the overall healthcare cost by half! Health financing policies should be the focus of every country right now.

3. Global cooperation 

Experts say that a strong healthcare system that prioritizes primary healthcare and strengthens this department benefits both health security and provision for primary healthcare.  This global health crisis calls for global cooperation. First world countries need to play their role and extend a helping hand to developing nations. Healthcare officials need to address the drawbacks in the healthcare workforce and ensure reasonable access to new diagnostics, medicines, and vaccines.  

Innovations are the need of the hour. Telehealth has been around for decades but it has sky-rocketed during the pandemic. Information technology experts are tweaking healthcare apps and digital health platforms to increase accessibility and improve the user experience. If you want to give telehealth a try, book an online physician appointment and get expert medical advice without leaving home!

Health officials and IT experts need to focus on product development, financing, governance, and different ways of working on a global and collective level.

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If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is better protection for populations in the future. Governments and citizens need to actively participate to better the community and make it a safe space for children, the elderly, and everyone else.

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