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The hot and humid summer months in Pakistan constitute the rainy season. Karachi, the trade center of Pakistan was hit by heavy rainfall the past week and was overcome by urban flooding. Owing to the inadequate drainage system of the city, large pools of stagnant sewage water have accumulated across the city.  They are potential harbors of infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue, cholera and typhoid that can easily be prevented. To learn more about prevention of disease, consult a doctor online in Pakistan from the safety of your own home.

This is a crucial time to spread awareness about disease prevention because the potential burden of disease amidst a pandemic can be destructive. The key here is to provide authentic information from reliable sources. A quick way to get facts from an authoritative source is by consulting a doctor online in Pakistan with your smartphone. With pages and pages of info available online, you’re likely to experience information overload and overwhelm yourself. Download an online doctor app on your smartphone. Book an online doctor appointment and consult a doctor online at your convenience.

How can I consult a doctor online in Pakistan?

Online healthcare apps are quite popular in Pakistan today. Primary care has largely shifted to the online space. An online doctor app can instantly connect you to online healthcare professionals trained to give you expert medical advice from the convenience of your home! All you need to do is book an online doctor appointment and consult a doctor online in Pakistan.  

When you consult a doctor online in Pakistan you know that you are getting medical information from a legitimate source. If you have a question about a disease, ask a doctor online and receive prompt answers from a qualified healthcare provider. The great thing about telehealth services is that it bridges the connection between patients and doctors and has been a game-changer in the medical field.

How can an online doctor consultation help me?

Telemedicine or remote healthcare services have been around for a couple of decades but the pandemic has forces primary healthcare patients to opt for online doctor consultations. If you want to talk to a doctor, consult a doctor online in Pakistan and avoid going to the hospital for minor health concerns.  Studies show that most patients go to their primary healthcare providers for the following reasons:

  • A minor health problem
  • A problem that doesn’t require emergency care
  • A second opinion
  • An interpretation of a lab report
  • A prescription re-fill
  • Medical advice

Rainy season diseases

There are numerous diseases that are spread through contaminated food and water sources. In developing countries like Pakistan which has an ineffective drainage and water disposal system, rainfall can create quite a havoc. The chances of acquiring water-borne illnesses increases with the number of stagnant water puddles, particularly after rainfall.

Malaria and dengue

Malaria and dengue are transmitted by mosquitos that breed in pools of stagnant water after rainfall.  Unfortunately, children are the most susceptible to severe illness as their immune systems are still in the development phase.

Acute diarrhea

Infectious diseases such as cholera, typhoid, Hepatitis A, E.coli infection, giardia, the shigella infection are the main causes of diarrhea after rainfall. They occur after contact with or consumption of contaminated water. The risk of getting these diseases are high during both floods and droughts.

Rodent borne disease

Flooding and heavy rainfall is also associated with rodent-borne diseases like leptospirosis, tularaemia and some viral haemorrhagic diseases. Other rodent and tick associated disease include Lyme disease, tick-borne encephalitis and Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.

How to prevent disease

Here are some tips you can use to prevent some of these illnesses:

  • Prevent mosquito and other bug bites by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors, at night or in vulnerable areas
  • Use bug/mosquito repellant and spray it in your room before going to bed at night and on your clothes
  • Use mosquito nets to cover your bed when you sleep
  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water
  • Practice thorough washing of fruit and vegetables before consuming 
  • Drink boiled or mineral water and avoid tap water, fountain drinks and ice cubes.
  • Limit intake of alcohol
  • Take measures to cover or dry the stagnant pools of dirty water after rainfall


Consult a doctor online in Pakistan and learn how to prevent rain-borne diseases. An online healthcare professional is just a phone call away. Download an online doctor app today and book an online doctor appointment. If you’re in need of a second opinion or medical advice but can’t go out because of the rain or flooding, an online doctor consultation is probably your safest option.

Several healthcare organizations are beginning to incorporate telemedicine as a means of mainstream communication between doctors and patients. Institutions that already have online doctor services are upgrading their telemedicine programs to meet the increasing demand of patients. By booking an online doctor appointment you are not only getting healthcare at your convenience but are allowing physicians to engage in a meaningful online doctor consultation and manage their patients more effectively.

Rural population benefits too

In developing countries like Pakistan, a large chunk of the population lives in rural or remote areas. When it rains their access to nearby medical facilities are completely cut off.   With telehealth services they don’t have to travel long distances to reach a healthcare facility. They can consult a doctor online in Pakistan at their convenience and get the help they deserve.

Back in the day, you would have to wait on hold for hours just to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Today, you can consult a doctor online in Pakistan on your smartphone or join a medical query group on social media

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