solar eclipse

You should never look at the sun directly, eclipse, or no eclipse. The bright UV rays have the potential to damage your retina even when the sun is partially covered by clouds. If you think you're experiencing vision problems after viewing the sun recently or soon after an eclipse, then talk to your doctor. Find the best doctor in Pakistan who can provide online consultation.

While life is beginning to normalize in most regions of the country, people are still being advised to stay home and only leave the house if necessary. Countries are re-opening businesses to recover from economic loss, and people need to understand that it is not an open invitation for public gatherings. Some people make an event out of eclipses too and plan meet-ups to view the eclipse as a group. Please don’t do that in a pandemic. For more detail on health hazards book an online doctor’s appointment to talk to the best doctor in Pakistan from the safety of your own home!

What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is an amazing astronomical event that occurs when the new moon moves between the sun and the earth casting the shadow of the moon on to parts of the Earth. Only certain areas of the Earth exhibit the effects of an eclipse because the shadow of the moon is not large enough to darken the entire Earth.

Does a solar eclipse travel from one place to another?

It may seem like an eclipse travels, but the fact of the matter is that all 3 celestial objects i.e. the sun, moon, and Earth are in constant motion. The Earth rotates on its axis as it revolves around the sun while the moon orbits the Earth resulting in the eclipse changing its effected place o Earth.

If you want to view the eclipse, make sure you don’t look at the sun directly no matter how obscured it is. Either wear special eclipse glasses or view it indirectly. You can ask the best doctor in Pakistan about retinal damage as a result of direct viewing of the sun.

What is the ring of fire?

The solar eclipse that is taking place on June 21, 2020, is an 'annular solar eclipse'. This happens when the moon's disk is not big enough to cover the entire disk of the sun, therefore, the outer edges of the sun remain visible as a 'ring of fire', a corona or a hue in the sky. The next annular solar eclipse is predicted to occur on June 10, 2021.

Despite the sun being mostly covered by the moon during an annular eclipse, do not look directly at the sun without protective eye gear. The UV radiation from the edge of the sun can damage your retina and even lead to blindness in some cases. This is not another eclipse myth. It should be taken seriously. For expert medical advice, download an online doctor app and find the best doctor in Pakistan to talk to from home. There’s no need to leave home and gather in public spaces to view the eclipse during a pandemic.

What is the best way to protect your eyes during an eclipse?

Solar eclipse glasses are specifically designed to protect the retina from being burned or damaged from solar UV rays while viewing an eclipse. Multiple layers in the glasses filter the UV rays before reaching the retina.

The sun rays have the potential to burn the retina and cause temporary or permanent loss of vision. This injury is called ‘solar maculopathy’ or solar retinopathy. Learn more about it from a healthcare professional. Find the best doctor in Pakistan with an online physician app. No need to leave home. Download the app and book an online doctor's appointment at your convenience.

What are the symptoms of solar retinopathy?

There is no safe amount of eclipse that you can view directly. Here are a couple of symptoms of solar eye damage.

  • Blurred vision
  • Central blind spot in one or both eyes
  • Vision distortion
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Changes in the way you see colors

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, talk to a doctor. You can find the best doctor in Pakistan and get an online video consultation without stepping foot outside your home. Download an online doctor app and book an online doctor consultation today!

Safety tips to view a solar eclipse

According to the National Science Foundation's American Astronomical Society, here are a few tips to remember while viewing an eclipse.

  • Examine your safety glasses before using them to view an eclipse. If they are scratched, punctured or damaged in any other way, they're probably not safe to use anymore.
  • If you have children, always supervise them using the glasses.
  • For regular eyeglass wearers, don't take them off while viewing an eclipse. Wear protective glasses on top of the regular ones.

View an eclipse indirectly

There are a couple of ways you can view an eclipse indirectly. One of them is through pin-hole projection. A process that involves using different materials like a box, aluminum foil to cover it with, and a pin to make the actual pin-hole. You would have to search for the exact preparation before making it yourself.

Some people have also viewed an eclipse by using their hands and tree leaves. Look it up for more detail.

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